Star drive

The man on a charge was flu-suffering Nigel Greensall who had started late after pitting to change to wet tyres.

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PistonHeads member Barry G tries out the AS One for himself

I am sure that many of you have seen the News items that Ted has posted recently about Automotive Solutions’ first car, the appropriately named “One”. Personally, I really like the look of this car and, as am thinking about trading in my 968 Club Sport for something a bit quicker, the AS One looks like it really could be one of the cars that fit the bill.

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Motoring News

Drive of the season

Nigel Greensall in the end-of-season night race. He fended off all-comers to lead from pole for 25 minutes in the Stealth.

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Lister Win The British GT Title – Again – and follow up with victory in first ever night race

A second at Brands Hatch in the penultimate round of the championship was enough to give Mike Jordan and David Warnock the British GT Championship in their Lister Storm.

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Privilege Insurance GT giant slayer

Nigel Greensall led the Privilege Insurance GT Championship for a glorious 25 minutes at Silverstone on Saturday.

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Motoring News

Privilege Insurance GT seasonal review, 28 August 2001

There was always something sinister-looking about the Stealth GT, but it wasn’t until Greensall got behind the wheel that we saw it’s true potential.

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A big thanks to Nigel Greensall for getting me up the grid. 2011 was my second full season racing in a great fun, single-make formula – Mighty Minis. In the first season I had never made it into the front pack, even though my car was on top form and my support team were doing a great job. The speed problem was with yours truly.
Following some lessons with Nigel using the VBOX, I started to move up the grid and into the top three in the championship by mid-season. I also managed to get my first pole, first podium, first win and fastest lap. This was over two races at Snetterton following some tuition from Nigel at the same circuit. At Rockingham I had a fastest lap – again after some teaching from Nigel. For me the combination of VBOX and Nigel made that crucial difference from being mid-field to running at the front.

Michael Dryden

Nigel is an extremely good driver, but more importantly he is consistent – he knows what makes him quick and where. This means that his insights are gold dust when coaching drivers to reduce their lap times.


I first met Nigel several years ago at the Dubai Autodrome circuit while attending a track day. At the time I had just started to race in the local Radical series and was struggling to improve my lap times. We were introduced and I was immediately impressed with his straightforward and friendly approach.

Since that time Nigel and I have spent a lot of time in the car and out and I cannot fully express my admiration for his skills as a driver and tutor. He has continuously helped me to improve my driving skills and confidence on the track and all the time with an infectious zeal for all things motorsport – always prepared to look at things a bit differently. It has been great fun working with him, especially with the wonderful encouragement and positive support that he has always given.

His latest integrated camera and telemetry equipment is brilliant and easy to use, giving yet more analysis of track time – I loved the look on his face when we realised that I was quicker through the Graham Hill section at Brands at a recent test day – a mixture of pleasure for me that I was improving so quickly, but with a tinge of determination to better it.

I really have no hesitation in recommending Nigel if you really want to learn how to drive a car quickly on a track and have plenty of enjoyment doing it.

Dave Moran

As someone with little experience of track driving, and even less talent I approached the learning process with some trepidation. All I knew was that lessons were essential, and the appropriate teacher crucial. Nigel was recommended to me by a friend with whom he had raced and who had the appropriate level of skill and experience to give a properly valued judgement.

One of my first comments to Nigel was that he would need to “be patient” with me. However it has amazed me how the right balance of in-car instruction, out of car telemetry reviews and analysis, good communication, encouragement and calmness have allowed me to progress faster than I thought I would. I am excited about progressing further under Nigel’s tutorage, and ultimately, and now realistically, to a racing program.

Finally, out of the car, and at the end of the day, Nigel and his girlfriend Nikki are a pleasure to be with, and incredibly helpful in making the experience work for you in as “user friendly” a way as possible.

Michael Weston, Jersey

When I explain how I started racing a couple of years ago, I always mention Nigel as the one who started it all. And I always mention the first comment he made on my driving: “you are braking too late!!!!”

I said: “But Nigel, I thought that racing was about braking late?” Thats where it all started!

From my first race in a Radical SR5 three years ago and some races later, I won the GT4 class in Dubai 24 hours in 2010 in an Aston Martin and had progressed to a level where I could participate in the FIA GT4 championship 2010.

I am always using the advice that Nigel gave me, not only during the race but most importantly before it and during the formation laps – I call it the ‘Nigel racing mental focus’ (true!).

Best of luck in the future and I wish that I will be part of it!

Eric Charles, FIA GT4 and Radical racing driver

I started racing regularly this year and quickly realized I needed some help if I was to be competitive. A chance meeting with Nigel at a racing car show in Cologne prompted me to ask his advice, and we were soon out testing at Oulton Park. In the very first day of coaching, Nigel’s enthusiasm and unique approach transformed the way I attacked the circuit, and I began to understand what was needed to extract a competitive lap time.

Nigel then used his contacts to organize some races where he partnered me, and I have never had so much fun on a track before! On our second weekend racing we nearly won our class, and I had set the 2nd quickest time. Nigel’s tips and race advice were both fascinating and spot on, and indeed, the third time out racing I was on the podium! I never dreamt that I would be dicing with the leaders in my first year of racing, but working with Nigel enabled this to happen. It has been one of the best decisions I have made, and the whole experience has been hugely entertaining and rewarding.

Not only does he know what it takes to put a car on pole position, but he loves to share this knowledge to see you go faster. Nigel challenges many pre-conceived ideas about how to drive, and once you have got your head round this, the improvements are dramatic.

Julian Thomas, Engineer

My team mate Nigel Greensall told me ‘you have to tailor your driving style to the car’s demands and not the other way around’. By the end of the six hour race, I think I was just starting to get the hang of it.

The race is something I’ll remember fondly for many years to come. Yes, winning is fabulous and yes I did feel a little pang of sorrow for the JPR/Credit Crunch team, having the win snatched from under their noses in the last five minutes before the end of a six-hour race.

But, the biggest revelation, was witnessing Nigel’s unstinting enthusiasm and excitement for the whole two days. After all, this is a man who has raced all manner of exotica, including Formula One. The fact that he was so fired up by the Fun Cup speaks volumes for the quality of the series. I hope everyone enjoys reading about the adventure in Track Driver magazine later in the year.

John Hayman, Journalist