As someone with little experience of track driving, and even less talent I approached the learning process with some trepidation. All I knew was that lessons were essential, and the appropriate teacher crucial. Nigel was recommended to me by a friend with whom he had raced and who had the appropriate level of skill and experience to give a properly valued judgement.

One of my first comments to Nigel was that he would need to “be patient” with me. However it has amazed me how the right balance of in-car instruction, out of car telemetry reviews and analysis, good communication, encouragement and calmness have allowed me to progress faster than I thought I would. I am excited about progressing further under Nigel’s tutorage, and ultimately, and now realistically, to a racing program.

Finally, out of the car, and at the end of the day, Nigel and his girlfriend Nikki are a pleasure to be with, and incredibly helpful in making the experience work for you in as “user friendly” a way as possible.

Michael Weston, Jersey