I started racing regularly this year and quickly realized I needed some help if I was to be competitive. A chance meeting with Nigel at a racing car show in Cologne prompted me to ask his advice, and we were soon out testing at Oulton Park. In the very first day of coaching, Nigel’s enthusiasm and unique approach transformed the way I attacked the circuit, and I began to understand what was needed to extract a competitive lap time.

Nigel then used his contacts to organize some races where he partnered me, and I have never had so much fun on a track before! On our second weekend racing we nearly won our class, and I had set the 2nd quickest time. Nigel’s tips and race advice were both fascinating and spot on, and indeed, the third time out racing I was on the podium! I never dreamt that I would be dicing with the leaders in my first year of racing, but working with Nigel enabled this to happen. It has been one of the best decisions I have made, and the whole experience has been hugely entertaining and rewarding.

Not only does he know what it takes to put a car on pole position, but he loves to share this knowledge to see you go faster. Nigel challenges many pre-conceived ideas about how to drive, and once you have got your head round this, the improvements are dramatic.

Julian Thomas, Engineer