When I explain how I started racing a couple of years ago, I always mention Nigel as the one who started it all. And I always mention the first comment he made on my driving: “you are braking too late!!!!”

I said: “But Nigel, I thought that racing was about braking late?” Thats where it all started!

From my first race in a Radical SR5 three years ago and some races later, I won the GT4 class in Dubai 24 hours in 2010 in an Aston Martin and had progressed to a level where I could participate in the FIA GT4 championship 2010.

I am always using the advice that Nigel gave me, not only during the race but most importantly before it and during the formation laps – I call it the ‘Nigel racing mental focus’ (true!).

Best of luck in the future and I wish that I will be part of it!

Eric Charles, FIA GT4 and Radical racing driver